It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Printoholic!

heidelberg-movFor a very long time, we were on the lookout to purchase a Heidelberg MOV. We spoke to several dealers in Delhi, but the prices being quoted to us were too high. Then, one of our customers suggested getting in touch with Printoholic. They told us that this printing equipment dealer imports branded second hand machines from different parts of the world and sells them at great prices in India. The best part is that though the machines are second hand, yet they are in excellent condition, and look and perform as good as new! While dealing with Printoholic, we found out that each of these things was true! Finally, we have got a company who can precisely cater to our equipment requirements and that too at affordable prices!

Author: printoholic

Printoholic is an Active Importer of Second Hand Offset Printing Machinery and also the link between India and the world. We have our own warehouse in and around New Delhi and machinery stored in them can be inspected after prior notice to us.

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