Dealing with Printoholic was a pleasurable experience!

Dealing with Printoholic was a pleasurable experienceWe have been in the printing industry for over 8 years and have bought machines from various vendors across the country. However, we must admit, that dealing with Printoholic was the most pleasurable experience we’ve had till date. We really appreciate the outstanding professionalism and customer service demonstrated by your staff. They gave us prompt replies to our queries and followed up with us even after the purchase, to ensure that the Komori Printing Machine was working fine. Further, they also provided us with the shipping information from time to time. We have plans to expand our business and we look forward to furthering our partnership with Printoholic in the coming years. Thank you for your co-operation and support!


Author: printoholic

Printoholic is an Active Importer of Second Hand Offset Printing Machinery and also the link between India and the world. We have our own warehouse in and around New Delhi and machinery stored in them can be inspected after prior notice to us.

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